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Sunday, July 3, 2011


It's corn dog season baby and I am going too eat as many as I can while the short season last.  Season you ask?  That would be "Carnival Season" and for us in Nor Cal it last about a month.  The county fairs make their way up and down the coast and I attend at least two of them.  Corn bread battered, stick encrusted, tender juicy all beef hot dog dipped lovingly in hot hot oil.  You eagerly take the corn dog being offered to you by the Carny and slather mustard up and down your dog.  Now actually eating your corn dog lady like is a problem.  A little on the phallic side (just a bit right?) I take my first bite from the side and then push the stick out of the corn dog taking dainty bites all the while covering my mouth with my hand  - I am not putting on a show here people.  Seriously have you thought about this before?  Don't forget napkins for the aftermath of your mustard covered face and hands.  And if you're still standing in front of the corn dog stand, walk away slowly, don't look back just get the hell out of there before you're tempted to order another one.


  1. OMGee this post is SO me! I am obsessed with carnival food, and especially those fried corn dogs ahh gotta love em! Newest follower!

  2. Hey Courtney! Don't even get me started on the wonders of funnel cake!!! Thanks for stopping by and being my newest follower.