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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Picon Blue Cheeses
Okay are you ready for this??? The latest diet craze/fad is called the "Snob Diet".  I am serious.  According to Glamour Magazine why eat low cal or fat free when you can eat quality foods at a smaller portion?  "Real" food has flavor and aroma that goes directly to your brain which signals your stomach and registers fullness.  Rice cakes and fat free dip doesn't have the same sensory effect and leaves you unsatisfied. Makes sense? yes. 
So you ask - How exactly do I eat like a snob?  Check out the tips below.

1.  Choose the highest - quality foods possible. Use the freshest best ingredients, pull out your cook books and actually cook.
2.   Don't deny cravings:  give yourself permission to eat what you really like, keep portions under
      control, eat mindfully.
3.  If it's truly not delicious don't eat it - processed is not delicious.  Greek yogurt with fresh berries is.

I guess when I first saw this article I was offended by the word "snob" but if you actually think about it - it makes perfect sense.  Fresh fruits and vegetables, real ice cream or Gelato, roasted almonds, good Artisan cheese, home made anything is much better for your mind body and spirit than a bunch of "diet" low fat, no fat, fat free, chemical laden processed food. 

Monday, November 28, 2011


Sammy Sunshine, Rodeo Beach, CA
I was bitten by the photography bug early on.  Literally stacks upon stacks of camera's and photography equipment lived in the hall closet of my childhood home.  From the age of 10 on I lived and breathed photography and all of the chemicals that went along with my converted darkroom.  I would spend hours upon hours in my dark room perfecting my craft.  The only difference between now and then is that I spend hours upon hours on the computer looking at photo's and tweaking them ever so slightly in Photoshop.  I am a believer of shooting my images as near perfect as I can so I won't have to "fix" them in Photoshop. At last count I had like 30,000 images - really?  I think I need to go now and start cleaning up my archives.

Friday, November 25, 2011


When I was five years old my mom asked me what would I like her to pack in my lunch box for school.  I replied a roast turkey sandwich and chocolate mousse".  Grand taste for a little girl or did the little girl have a mother who was an amazing cook?  I am going to blame it mom - she is an amazing cook always trying new recipes and broadening our pallets - thanks Mom.  To this day I still love roasted turkey sandwiches especially the day after Thanksgiving.  My version though has a little twist - pesto.  The combination between the pesto and the cranberry sauce is awesome and if you want, add a little mayo to give it a creamier texture.  Try it; I know you'll like it.


Bistro Turkey Sandwich - Left over Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

French baguette, cut in half
1teaspooncranberry sauce
3ouncesroasted tukey breast, thinly sliced
2ouncesfontina cheese

salt & freshly  ground black pepper

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Gobble Gobble
Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!  Wishing everyone a day filled with family, friends and love.



Wednesday, November 23, 2011