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Thursday, March 31, 2011

B I K I N I - M O D E L

Out of the box
No not me silly people, I have some toning up to do before that ever happens.  Meet my mannequin, Nixie.  Many thanks to my friend Kirsten who loaned her to me last year.  When I brought her home I couldn't wait to take her out of the box.  She was fabulous but missing two things - hair and a name.  First I decided she was of German descent. So I went online  and looked up German girl baby names.  So many great names but  Nixie caught my eye.  Nixie  means "water sprite" which I thought was quit fitting - sold.  Second, she needed some hair and it needed to be beach fabulous.  I found a blond wig and Oh la la Nixie was born!  Oh how I love to dress Nixie up.  It's a family affair.  She puts up with a lot and she is very patient.  She stands perfectly still while we humiliate her with fake moustaches (on her nether region  - what can I say, I have little boys.) toy guns, knives, banana's and crazy get ups.  But of course her main purpose is to model my glorious bikini's and if they don't look good on Nixie it's back to the drawing board. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I know it's not pic-i-nic season yet but I LOVE potato salad and after watching Yogi Bear yesterday I had a major hankering for some.  Not just any will curb my craving it has to be my mom's.  Ask her and she will tell you that I will eat this for breakfast, lunch, dinner and every in between meal that there is.  And yes, I did have it for breakfast this morning....after all it does have eggs and potato's in it. Yum.

Friday, March 25, 2011

L O V E - S W E E T D R E A M S

When I was younger and couldn't sleep due to "Jason" from Friday the 13th possibly being under my bed I would think about all of the designer clothes I had to have and put outfits together in my head. Eventually "Jason" would leave my pre-sleep thoughts and I would be thinking of cute jeans and fall blissfully asleep.  These days when I have trouble sleeping I envision my self laying on Stinson Beach.  Waves crashing in the background, and the oh so warm warm sun drenching my body until I deliciously fall asleep.  Sweet dreams.