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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Today is a red letter day.  I am going to San Francisco and having some fabric printed that I designed.  When I was in high school, my crazy art teacher that no one respected told me I should think about going into textile designs based upon some abstract paintings I did.  I thought she was C U C K O O - textile design?  What the hell was she talking about?  I had no idea and I couldn't  grasp the concept because when I was in high school digital did not exist. I would have had to take a slow boat to China, have fabric molds made, dye lots created and many many strike off 's shown to just get 1 yard of final fabric.  Then a few years ago at work we started digital fabric printing and I managed production for small fashion designers based in SF, LA and New York.  I was in heaven and my art teacher's comment came rushing back to me as I saw what the possibilities were for "textile design."  No slow boat to China for me, it was at my finger tips and I started designing like crazy.  Now I have swatches and yardage and color charts strewn upon my work space like a big beautiful fabric bomb exploded.  So, off I go to the city today, dropping off files, picking up some suits from my seamstress and having lunch with my friends overlooking the San Francisco Bay.  Ah life is good.


  1. have fun in the city!

    your teacher sounded like a good one.

  2. @Vida - you know how some high school teachers are! Had a great time in the city, missed your Dad though. And the bikini's I picked up are
    A M A Z I N G! I am totally stoked.