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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


When I was little the beach was just over the ridge from my house.  To me this did not mean sunshine and blue skies, it meant damp, dark, bone chilling foggy fog fog. Fog horns blaring all night, zero visibility and howling winds - it was very "Sleepy Hollow".  We were pale, blue lipped shivering little kids.  So, my mom would pack us up in the ole Chevy blazer drive us 5 mins north to the next town and it would be warm and sunny.  After a morning of running errands and thawing out we would load back up in the truck and head home.  As we made our decent up the highway we would crane our necks to see over the dashboard in hopes of a glimpse of home.  Sure enough the ominous fog bank that we left was still there. I didn't move far from my childhood home but definitely have more sun in my neighborhood and there are certain things that I have come to love about  the fog.  The sweet smell of the ocean it brings with it and sometimes it is still, warm and comforting - just like home.

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