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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


  Have you ever wondered what the difference between a " Brah" and a "Bro" is?  Does this not keep you up at night contemplating which one to use as a greeting or in a sentence? I grew up at the beach and around many a "surfer dude's" and this has always perplexed me.  One day it's "What's up Brah" and the next day it's "Bro, you were totally shreddin the gnarl."   After many a sleepless nights I had to find out what the difference was.  So, I went to the source and interviewed a few local surfers -  here is what I found out:  Bro and Brah mean the same thing - Brother.  "Bro" is more of a California surfer slang and "Brah" is Hawaiian.  There is really no thought process behind how it is used - what ever comes out naturally.  And then they told me about "Bro hoe's" that's a whole 'nother subject.


  1. This blog reminds me of the movie "Blue Crush" - love that movie.

    But yes being set in Hawaii, the movie is full of "brah's"

    What do girls say to another girl in Hawaii? Is there anything.. or do boys / men only make up these fun surfer slangs!?

  2. I love Blue Crush as well, Part 2 comes out on video June 7th. Anyway let me do a little research and I'll do a Part 2 of the slang blog - female version