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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Yea, I've got a six pack - in the fridge that is.  But what I would do for a flat tummy with a little definition - nothin crazy. Kinda like I had before the babies. Curse those babies!  Ok ok ok ok,   I'll stop blaming the babies and blame it on the beer.  Oh, but the beer taste so good and quenches my thirst after a long night at work.  The  Devil on my shoulder is saying "drink the beer, you know you want it",  and the sweet Angel on the other shoulder is saying "put the beer down dear, and start doing some crunches."    The problem is I had to buy a six pack of Sierra Nevada for the photo for this blog - and unfortunately they will have to be drunk.  Good thing a holiday weekend is coming up. On Monday it's goodbye stubborn belly fat and hello six pack - abs that is.


  1. I love your blogs, can I just say that! I love them.. they make me smile, think and even giggle.

    Just recently.. since my trainer showing me some new kick butt ab moves I am seeing definition in my abs... perhaps Ill do a blog of moves just for you! :) <3

    And darn it.. enjoy that beer! ;)

  2. Thank you so much for liking my blogs! You are the only one who ever comments and it makes me happy! Try looking for the sea plasma at a chain grocery store - Safeway or chain drug store. Hair care section usually on the bottom shelf. And I would love to see you do a blog on abs. You are pretty tough though, I don't know if I can do what you do!!!!