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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


There is a teeny tiny cabin on Old County Road in Lake Tahoe that is not suitable to accommodate eleven people at one time.  It has one bathroom, a ghost in the back bedroom, an attic that looks like it froze in time or somebody is living there when we are not and a mama bear and her cubs living in their den under the floor boards.  It also has a huge back deck over looking the lake and all of South Tahoe, a fantastic fireplace and a kitchen that kicks out some amazing home cooking.  Brothers, in - laws, parents, nieces, nephews, sons, daughters and grand kids all descend upon the cabin for a little R & R and fun in the summer sun.  We spend our days in the emerald green water boating, rafting, tubing - dry off on the warm sandy shores where the sun is so close you could almost touch it.  Grill is hot, beers are cold, music is on and it's time for a sunset dinner on the back deck - followed by the most amazing sherbet colored sunset you have ever seen.  Even though the cabin is small and quirky it's charming and filled with good times.  I wouldn't change a thing about it - well, with the exception of the ghost - it needs to leave so I can get some sleep!



  1. I LOVE that place!!!!!!!!! Oh man I miss those summers at that place. I really hope to return one day, and enjoy a stay there. Morning coffee on the balcony, a quick hot shower before the hot water runs out, a day at the lake - followed by some yummy BBQ as the sunsets over the beautiful lake! Ahhh I LOVE LAKE TAHOE!!!!

  2. I miss it too but not the one bathroom servicing 11 people.

  3. i know that place. the attic bedroom looks like something out of The Shining. 11 people? ouch. i think the most Dad stuffed in there once were 8 people and two dogs. i think that winter was when he decided he wanted a white Christmas and we didn't have running water the first night. yeah... eww for not being able to flush the toilets until midday the next day when maintenance came and unfroze the pipes. =P