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Friday, August 5, 2011


 I come home last night from work a tad hungary looking forward to a bowl of Special K Red Berry cereal and what do I find on the kitchen counter?  A beautiful piece of cheese cake topped with cherries - my favorite.  Thank you sweet Hubby for thinking of me and I won't even think twice about eating it because I will and I did and it was ever so delicious.  Now for the talk.  I say, "thank you so much for the cheese cake it was perfect."  He says, "I saw it at the store and know it's your favorite."  I say, "are you trying to sabotage my diet and make me fat?"  I am laughing of course and not 100% serious because I don't care what kind of healthy eating diet, work out plan I am on I will always take the cheese cake if it is offered to me.  He looks at me, blinking his innocent warm sea blue eyes and says "honey, you are not fat, never have been fat, never will be fat - you look great just the way you are."  I know, so sweet - right?  So, I am glad I enjoyed every sweet little morsel (even if it was 12:00 am) and today I am off to the track and will jog extra to burn off last nights sweet treat.


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  1. Love cheesecake!!! You've gotta give into temptation every now and again!

    Lola x