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Monday, August 1, 2011


Kawaii means 'cute' in Japanese and I have always loved everything Japanese.  When I was a teenager we had Japanese exchange students.  They were magical and super kawaii and I still hold my experiences with them close to my heart.   I am enamoured with Hello Kitty, Pucca and Harajuku Girls.  I ♡ Japanese food and the kawaii little bento boxes they come in. Oh, and did I mention that I bartend at one of the top five restaurants in the Bay Area that happens to be a traditional sushi bar - Sushi Ran?  I do and I love it.   Japanese fabric, ribbons, beads and traditional prints are also super kawaii and have inspired me to design a 'Kawaii' collection.  It's in the works and the idea's are literally popping out of my brain like cherry blossoms on a warm spring day.  My goal is to have them ready by Christmas and part of the proceeds will go to Hope to Japan.  Stay tuned and stay kawaii.


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  1. Love it! :) A lesson.. Kawaii! I will use this word often now. Some of my favorite perfume, and bottled is the Harajuku Girls. The pink one is yummy!