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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


My preview party is in a couple of weeks and I have 2 out of 25 samples ready to show!  Designing swimwear is easy for me, the idea's are endless. The tricky part is the construction of the suit.  My seamstress' speak very little English and don't seem to notice key details.  Teeny tiny little details that I would never think to mention because it's so fricking obvious but they just seem to miss.  Like using white thread when the fabric is red - WTF?  So this week it's all about the details and making sure nothing gets "lost in translation".  I am confident that I'll have my samples ready by the time of my party - probably hand delivered at 5:55 p.m. on the day of - that's okay just as long as I have them and they are perfect.Practice makes perfect and perfect is what I want. Check out my fellow blogger Katie Elizabeth's post on making a bikini - super funny and spot on.


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  1. eesh... i just pulled out my sewing machine to tailor some t-shirts to wear. and even then i'm throwing tantrums over it. good luck!