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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Have you heard of the color ombre`?  I have but never really thought about it until Oliver from Project Runway made a top and skirt out of hamster shavings and a dog bed giving it an ombre` effect. Tim just loved it.   I tucked that bit of color info into the bikini area of my brain for future design reference.  Then this morning I was flipping through the June issue of Fitness magazine and saw a picture of a beautiful beach bunny with mermaid wave hair in the most beautiful shade of ombre`.  Ombre` is a french word meaning "shadow".  It's a gradation of color from darker to lighter.  Hmmmm......I am getting my highlight on Friday and I think that this ombre` effect is exactly what I am looking for to transition from summer to fall (yes I said it fall - yikes).  I already have the darker roots going on so it should be easy to accomplish.  And as far as Fall is concerned, I know it's right around the corner for most of you but for me in Northern California I still have Indian Summer to look forward to.  Should carry my summer spirit all the way through October - November if I am lucky.


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