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Monday, June 20, 2011

E A T - A L M O N D S

I hate nuts.  I am a nut hater.  Do not ever try to feed me a peanut, beer nut, walnut or I will puke on you from the smell alone.  But I do love almonds.  and I just found out that almonds are not nuts, but the seed of the fruit from an almond tree - no wonder I like them so much.  So, I have this old black crusty baking sheet that would be an embarrassment if anyone saw it, or knew that I used it all the time and don't even get me started on what my Grandmother would say about it.  French fries, tater tots, biscuits, pizza all have been cooked on this baking sheet.  It's kept in the oven at all times, and I always forget that it is in there when I am pre - heating the oven, until I can smell it - cooking, the sheet that is.  I buy my almonds in bulk, raw, unsalted and roast them myself.  I never really thought about it before until I brought in a small baggie of freshly roasted almonds to work.  As the evening progressed, I shared my almonds with my co-workers who raved about them.  "Where did you get these almonds" "oh my god, these almonds are so good."  Well, I told them, I roasted them myself (feeling just a bit like Martha Stewart in my response).  This went on for nights, the compliments kept coming and when I was asked again about what I put on the almonds and replied "nothing", I just roast them in the oven - then it dawned on me.  It was my beautifully seasoned baking sheet that was making my almonds taste so good.

You want almond facts?  Here are your almond facts.

     1.  20-25 almonds contain as much calcium as 1/4 cup of milk
     2.  Almonds are the best whole food source of vitamin E
     3.  One ounce of almonds contains 12 percent of your daily allowance of protein.  No cholesterol.  
     4.  Most of the fat in almonds is monounsaturated, also known as the "good" fat. 
     5.  Almonds are loaded with minerals like magnesium, phosphorus and zinc, calcium and folic acid 

I buy raw almonds in bulk and roast them in small batches.  Pre- heat oven to 350 degrees, spread the  almonds out on a baking sheet and cook for about 10 minuets.  Now, I normally put the almonds in the oven and go and do something, like vacuum or start a movie or go on the computer.  And then I forget about the almonds until someone walks in the room and says, "what's that good smell?"  I rush to the oven just before I am about to burn the almonds, but I catch it time, every time.  Let cool and put away in a air tight container.  I am seriously thinking about going into the almond business with my trusty crusty baking sheet.

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  1. I keep a bag of almonds in my drawer, its a great healthy snack! Almonds also are a naturally belly fat fighter ;) Cant have enough of that!

    I am like you.. hate nuts. I was one of those kids - if you gave me a brownie or ice cream with nuts in it - I refused to eat it. YUCK! Walnuts my least favorite, they taste like dirt!