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Monday, June 6, 2011


I've been a bit wary about alluding to my design process or showing my actual fabric prints for my bikini line due to not wanting to be "ripped off."  And after years of working with major retail companies, I am not naive to the fact that everyone steals each other's ideas - point blank. Regardless, what I am doing is still sort of new and unique in the design world and I am not about to do all of the ground work to have some major corporation steal my ideas and dreams, only to have them massed produced in China.  Give me a big fat H E L L  NO! Case in point, Urban Outfitters was just exposed for allegedly stealing independent jewelry designer and Etsy seller Stevie Koerner, pendants called "A World Of Love."  Can you say " R A T   B A S T A R D S?"  I've also had some rather large fashion houses following me on Twitter which makes me wonder, why would they be following me?  As of yet, I am a nobody in the fashion world (not for long though!) what do I have to offer them?  Exactly, MY IDEAS.  Launch party coming in September and until then I will sporadically release teasers for y'all to keep you interested and excited and coming back for bodacious bikini's.

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  1. I love the suspense! I cant wait to see it.. ahem WEAR IT!