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Monday, February 28, 2011

L O V E - B R I D G E T

I've been feeling like Bridget Jones lately (sans the granny panties).  Writing in my journal (blog) successes, fall backs, goals, wants and wishes.  Trials and tribulation of seeking out the perfect life, look and relationship.  

Here is what one of my journal entries would look like:

Thursday 24 February 
140 lbs. (maybe tomorrow I'll start that diet), alcohol units 1 (the really big Sierra Nevada only counts as 1 - right?), hours spent on computer working on self promotion with twitter, face book and crawling other peoples blogs hrs 3, calories 2,476, Pieces of toast consumed 2, bikini's designed 5.

What would we do with out Bridget?  A girls girls that we all can laugh with, cry with and rally for - oh and she gets Colin Firth in the end! How brilliant.

Bridget, I love you.

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