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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I am quite smitten with myself right now.  You see, I just made a pretty little batch of sea shell candles.  Amazingly pretty and amazingly easy.  Now I don't frequent "craft" stores very often.  I am more artistic than crafty and find craft stores just a little to foo foo for my taste. Regardless, off I went with my material list in hand to Michaels

Material List:
Shells - found or store bought
Soy wax - microwavable
Wicks and Wick Holders
Microwave safe dish or Pyrex measuring cup

Use shells that are deep - I used scallop, clam and mussel shells.  They are larger and deeper and will hold more wax. 

Wash shells in hot water with soap, dry completely

Prep your wicks and wick holders, place in center of shell

Melt soy wax in microwave per package instructions.  I used a Pyrex measuring cup - easier to pour the wax into the shells with

Slowly and carefully pour the melted wax into the shell

Let dry at least 30 minutes - better yet overnight

Trim wick prior to lighting

These are a perfect addition to your Thanksgiving table and a reminder of summers past and summers to come.


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