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Friday, November 25, 2011


When I was five years old my mom asked me what would I like her to pack in my lunch box for school.  I replied a roast turkey sandwich and chocolate mousse".  Grand taste for a little girl or did the little girl have a mother who was an amazing cook?  I am going to blame it mom - she is an amazing cook always trying new recipes and broadening our pallets - thanks Mom.  To this day I still love roasted turkey sandwiches especially the day after Thanksgiving.  My version though has a little twist - pesto.  The combination between the pesto and the cranberry sauce is awesome and if you want, add a little mayo to give it a creamier texture.  Try it; I know you'll like it.


Bistro Turkey Sandwich - Left over Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

French baguette, cut in half
1teaspooncranberry sauce
3ouncesroasted tukey breast, thinly sliced
2ouncesfontina cheese

salt & freshly  ground black pepper

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