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Monday, April 25, 2011


Please let me have the strength to push on.  Oh, it's really not that bad, just so bummed out that somebody who will  remain nameless, broke my laptop and didn't tell me.  My designs, hopes, dreams everything was on that laptop.  Of course I backed everything up, but I don't have an extra Mac or an extra grand to replace it.   So, literally I wake in the morning and don't know what to do with myself - and I actually think he did it on purpose.  Always complaining that I am on "that computer" and now I am not.  I sulk around the house and shoot daggers into his eyes, back, head any chance I can get.  I know he feels terrible about it and it took him days to admit that he broke it, but won't tell me exactly how he broke it.  He says he'll replace it....hmmmmm.
 I am tired of feeling sorry for myself and not being able to be creative, so I am gonna put on my big girl panties  and continue to work on my busted up laptop.  It still works, but the screen is shattered on the right hand side and visually makes things extremely difficult.  This will make me stronger - right?  Yea, someday when I am a famous designer and I am watching my collection go down the runway, I'll say to my team "oh, you see that bikini, I designed the fabric for it on my busted up broke ass laptop!"  and I'll laugh all the way to the bank. Ha ha ha ha!


  1. And the one you design on that Laptop, will be your best seller. Why? Because you have the best attitude about the entire situation! Keep going, I cant wait to show off one of your designs!

  2. Windsor, call or email me. I can help.

  3. Thank you for the support ladies!